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It has long been known among medical professionals that taking broad-spectrum antibiotics over a long period of time can lead to severe secondary bacterial infections and the overall weakening of the immune system. Only now researchers from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine seem to have figured out why this is so. “One of 

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According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) roughly 1 in 10 American children have asthma, which is double the number that had it in 1980. Additionally, an estimated third of those who have asthma have never been diagnosed, says Dr. James Krieger, chief of epidemiology for Public Health Seattle & King County. New […]

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Peanut allergy cases in children are on the rise, which adds to the already problematic diagnostic issues that are associated with the most common form of allergy. New research and testing is making sense out of the confusion over who is and is not allergic to peanuts. Researchers and scientists at University Hospital South Manchester, […]

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