Peanut Alergies -Breakthrough for Children

Peanut allergy cases in children are on the rise, which adds to the already problematic diagnostic issues that are associated with the most common form of allergy. New research and testing is making sense out of the confusion over who is and is not allergic to peanuts. Researchers and scientists at University Hospital South Manchester, the University of Manchester, and Phadia AB in Sweden have developed a new and considerably more accurate method to test blood for peanut allergy. Research has shown that with the current standard for testing sensitivity to peanuts has a huge false positive rate. Based on the current testing methods 1 in 10 children have positive test results to peanuts, on the basis of the new method, only 1 in 50 actually have peanut allergy. The new diagnostic test which more accurately differentiates between peanut allergy and tolerance will mean we can focus energy on those patients really at risk, and consequently remove the undesired stress that results from incorrect peanut allergy tests. “New diagnostic tests combined with expert advise on treatment will be a major step forward in management of patients with peanut allergy.” -Professor Adnan Custovic

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