Asthma? Vitamin D To The Rescue

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) roughly 1 in 10 American children have asthma, which is double the number that had it in 1980. Additionally, an estimated third of those who have asthma have never been diagnosed, says Dr. James Krieger, chief of epidemiology for Public Health Seattle & King County. New research from National Jewish Health, in Denver shows that asthmatics with higher levels of Vitamin D in their blood have measurably better lung function than those whose Vitamin D levels are lower. “We showed that in adults with asthma, lower vitamin D levels were associated with lower lung function, an increased propensity for bronchospasm and poorer steroid response,” said Dr. Sutherland, who is chief of the pulmonary division at National Jewish Heath. Dr. Sutherland continued, “Our findings suggest that vitamin D levels influence a number of important features of asthma, including lung function, bronchospasm and therapeutic response to steroids. The next question to answer is whether giving supplemental vitamin D will lead to clinical improvements in patients with asthma, highlighting the need for clinical trials in this area.”

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