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Chanson Water Ionizers

    Hydration is the body’s number one line of defense for battling toxins from daily life, and Chanson Water Ionizers produce three types of water: Alkalized Water, Ionized Water, and Acid Water. Alkalized Water produced by this ionizer machine assists in blood regulation by helping your body keep your blood’s pH level at a healthy 7.3 to 7.4. Ionized Water, meanwhile, allows negative ions to donate electrons to free radicals to neutralize them. This is counter to most soft drinks and bottled waters, which are positively charged and cause oxidation. Finally, Acid Water helps the body neturalize infections, fungus, and acne. Acid Water also kills E. coli bacteria on contact and can be used as a natural cleanser and sanitizer for store-bought fruits and vegetables or kitchen countertops and utensils.