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Hydrogen Water


    Hydrogen Water or Molecular Hydrogen Water or even Hydrogen-Rich Water is an innovative therapy based upon the benefits of Hydrogen gas (H2) in a solution of water (H2O).  In this solution, the Hydrogen gas stays separate from the water and doesn't bond with it.  Hydrogen Water therapy is actually a newly recognized therapy, though its benefits have been around for many years.  We see some of the therapeutic effects dating back to the late 1800s when magnesium implants were used.  The magnesium created hydrogen in the body and allowed for more healing.  Water ionizers were also used in the early 1900s from the Japanese.  These also created hydrogen water, but not an appreciable amount. Today, we have furthered this technology to produce a greater and more effective amount of hydrogen for your body.

    What can Hydrogen Water do for me? 

    Hydrogen water has research studies dedicated and extolling its virtues.  In short, Hydrogen water can protect your body, improve your health, improve your recovery times and also increase your athletic performance!  Who wouldn't want this in their life? 

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