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From The Owner-Mark

For the last 15 years, I have woken up every single morning with pain and stiffness in my lumbar spine due to osteoarthritis and disc degeneration. This Nov 17, I received Infiniti Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy.  I’m happy (and a little surprised) to tell you that I had no back pain when I woke up the next day!  And the lumbar pain has never returned!


Regenerative therapies to activate the body’s internal repair system are the future of healthcare. We will all be experiencing this technology in the coming years.  


What about you? Regardless of your health complications, regenerative therapies can be a crucial part of helping you achieve longevity and vitality.




Seek out degeneration and work to build, repair and create new tissue.

Anti Inflammatory


Powerful anti inflammatory properties to reduce inflammation.



Modulate the body's immune response.

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