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Benefits of Using the Infrared FIR Belt with Ionic Detox Foot Baths

We went over some benefits to using an Infrared Sauna Belt with an Ionic Detox Foot Spa Machine before, but there are other benefits we’d like to touch on today. The following are some additional benefits to using infrared sauna belts with Ionic Detox: Detox, Weight Loss, and Skin Purification -The Infrared Belt increases the

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Ionic Foot Detox Research and Information

Despite all of the scientific research and the associated case studies that have been done regarding Ionic Foot Detox Baths, there are still too many misguided people out there who believe that Ionic Foot Detoxification doesn’t work. Unfortunately, this is true of any science-related breakthrough and it’s something we must continue to address until the public at large is properly educated about

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Negative Ions and Their Benefits to Your Body

Benefits of Negative Ions We’ve gone over the science behind Ionic Detox systems on this blog before, but there are a few questions remaining about the full benefits of negative ions flowing throughout your body and the benefits of the process. pH Levels in the Body pH level matters when it comes to your body’s

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