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Relaxation Exercises for Whole Body Vibration Plate Machines

Relax with Whole Body Vibration Plate Machines

Whole Body Vibration Machines are a great way to exercise, as you can see from our entry regarding Whole Body Machine exercises, but they’re also great for relaxation, or relaxation exercises if you prefer. It’s important to note that for any exercises where any part of your body other than your feet come into contact with the vibration machine, it’s recommended that you use a small exercise mat.

Shoulder & Neck Relaxation

Kneel down in front of the machine and place your arms on the platform. Keep your back and neck straight. Now pull your upper bod back while resting your arms on the plate. This exercise will relax your neck and shoulder area.

Back and Lower Back Relaxation

For the lower back, sit on the floor facing away from the machine with your legs apart, and place the mat between your body and the machine. Relax during the vibration.

For the back, place the mat underneath your posterior and sit in the center of the machine with your legs apart. Allowing your upper body to relax forward, you should feel a relaxing of your back, hips, and thighs.

Upper Body Relaxation

Sit facing away from the machine with your legs bent and elbows on the machine behind you. Using your elbows for balance, raise your upper body off the machine. Keeping your neck and back straight, pull your shoulders back. The vibration will relax your upper body.

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