IonizeMe Maxx Dual Ionic Detox Foot Bath System
IonizeMe Maxx Dual Ionic Detox Foot Bath System (basic package)Basic Package
IonizeMe Maxx Dual Ionic Detox Foot Bath System (starter package)
IonizeMe Maxx Dual Ionic Detox Foot Bath System (Ultimate Package)
IonizeMe Maxx Dual Ionic Detox Foot Bath System (front)
IonizeMe Maxx Dual Ionic Detox Foot Bath System (rear)
IonizeMe Maxx Dual Ionic Detox Foot Bath System
IonizeMe Maxx Dual Ionic Detox Foot Bath System (Ultimate Package)
Far Infrared Sauna Belt
IonizeMe ionic detox carrying case
Made in USA
5 Year Warranty
What Separates IonizeMe Ionic Detox Foot Bath Systems
IonizeMe Maxx Dual Ionic Detox Foot Bath System
IonizeMe Maxx Dual Ionic Detox Footh Bath System
IonizeMe Maxx Dual Ionic Detox Foot Bath System
IonizeMe Ionic Detox Foot Bath System

IonizeMe Maxx Dual - Powerful 20V Made in USA Ionic Detox Foot Bath System with Doctor Consult


Regular price$1,082.98
  • In stock, ready to ship
  • Inventory on the way
  • Powerful 20 Volt and 2.5 Amp Output
  • Made in the USA by HEALTHandMED with Full 5 Year Warranty
  • Personalized Health Consultation (For You and Your Family) With Ionic Detox Expert Dr. Cooper Included. If you are a business, this will be a Business Consultation instead.
  • Treats 2 People Simultaneously (Ionic Detox and Infrared Belts)
  • Water-Safe
Maxx Dual Packages

Regardless of the package you choose, every ionic detox system includes:

  • FREE personalized phone consultation with Doctor Cooper, our detoxification expert. He'll personally answer any questions you might have and assist you in customizing your ionic detox treatment program to help you achieve the highest possible health results quickly, easily and safely.
  • IonizeMe Ionic Detox System Handbook containing protocols, best practices and background information.
IonizeMe Maxx Dual Basic Package

Basic Package

  • Basic Package consists of machine and two ionizing arrays
IonizeMe Maxx Dual Starter Package

Starter Package

  • Two ionizing arrays
  • 2 Large Collapsible Foot Tub Basin – 3.75 Gallon capacity made with TPE and PP and is BPA Free
  • Package total of 25 Liners for easy cleanup of tub
  • 1 Large Cleaning and Soaking Jar for Ionic Detox Arrays
  • 70g Resealable Cleaning Solution for Ionic Detox Arrays with 4cc scoop
  • 40g of Fine Grain Himalayan Salt with 1/8 teaspoon (0.625cc) scoop: One of the healthiest salts available for therapeutic, culinary and cosmetic uses.
IonizeMe Maxx Dual Ultimate Package

Ultimate Package

  • Year Supply of ionizing arrays (Ten arrays total)
  • 2 Large Collapsible Foot Tub Basin – 3.75 Gallon capacity made with TPE and PP and is BPA Free
  • Year Supply of Liners for easy clean up of tub (400 liners total)
  • 2 Large Cleaning and Soaking Jars for arrays
  • 2 lbs. (1361 g.) Resealable Cleaning Solution for arrays with 4cc scoop
  • Year Supply of Fine Grain Himalayan Salt (one pound) with 1/8 teaspoon (0.625cc) scoop. One of the healthiest salts available for therapeutic, culinary, and cosmetic uses.

Details About Your NEW IonizeMe Maxx Dual Premium Foot Bath Spa System:

  • MOST POWERFUL - We’ve amped the IonizeMe Maxx Dual up to a whopping 20 volts and 2.5 amps of direct current – to maximize the principles of electrolysis and ionization – taking the ionic treatment process to whole new detoxification levels.
  • VOLTAGE AND AMPERAGE DISPLAY – Makes the IonizeMe Maxx Dual foot bath system easy to set to the correct output. The display also makes it easier to know when the ionizing array is wearing out. Be careful - most ionic detox machines on the market today, including the most well-known brands, display a fake output voltage. It is simple to know if the output voltage is fake – does the voltage number on the screen change? If yes, then the measured voltage is being displayed. If no, it is a fake voltage.
  • DUAL CHANNELS – Each with a 30 Minute Automatic Shut-off Timer with Chime
  • NO WRIST STRAP REQUIRED - You’ll notice that most footbath systems on the market require the use of a wrist strap. This is to enable their ionic machines to “sense the connection” of the user to their footbath spas. Their machines stop operating if this connection is broken. But our unit DOES NOT needlessly tie you to it – you’ll enjoy the benefits of new technology – and new freedom to move around if and when you need… to without the ionization process coming to a momentary halt!
  • Compact – Approximately 7" x 7" x 4.5". Frees up counter space
  • Built to Last - This powerful machine is enclosed in a sturdy light weight – yet heavy duty – all metal housing – that’s built to last for years to come.
  • Protection for Your Investment – The unit also includes a heavy duty grounded 3-prong power cable – providing a safe power pathway all the way from your wall outlet to your machine. Our safety engineered internal circuitry automatically and continuously monitors and protects your machine from anything that even hints of becoming a problem. This includes power surges, short circuit issues, fuse problems, and overload and thermal malfunctions. Learn more.
  • FCC Compliant – This device has been certified to comply with part 15 of the FCC Rules.
  • Industry-Leading Warranty - You get a FULL 5 (FIVE) year warranty – protecting you in the unlikely event of there being any defects in material and/or workmanship. Our warranty also entitles you to one full replacement during the warranty period – so you get dependability when you need it most. Your investment in your machine – as well as your health – will be protected. We can make this warranty available to you because we’re confident of the engineering and design of our product. And because we have years of unsurpassed and unparalleled customer service, you can rest assured that you’ll be taken care of – not taken advantage of… should anything out of the ordinary occur. You will own – quite frankly – the best Ionic Detox Machine on the market today.
Health Benefits of Ionic Detox

      Add On – IonizeMe Maxx Heavy Duty Weather Proof Carrying Case:

      Protect Your Investment: When purchasing a professional grade ionic detox foot bath, you want to make certain that you’re protecting it from accidents. We are providing just that with this case! Just look at the specs!

      • High-Density Polymer: This case is built with nothing, but the finest. High-density polymer material provides outstanding strength and corrosion resistance. We had fun testing this case by drop tests and putting 230 lb people on the case after which we saw no signs of damage to the case!
      • Cubed Foam: The entire inside of the case utilizes cubed foam to protect your machine. The foam encompasses the machine from every side, snugly holding it into place.
      • Capacity: The carrying case is large enough to hold the machine and 2 arrays. This gives you the ability to hold more than just the machine itself.
      • Built-In O-Ring: The O-ring sealed case seams hold out water and moisture. This prevents damage to your machine from outside moisture.
      • Latches: Heavy duty latches secure your machine so it stays put. You can also throw a lock on the case to add extra security!
      • For more information, just visit our Heavy Duty Carrying Case listing.

      Add-On: Far Infrared Belt

      • Multiplies Detox Effects of Foot Baths: Far infrared heat increases the circulation and metabolic rate in your body. This allows you to more efficiently pull and distribute the negative ions from the foot bath throughout your body. By circulating the negative ions through your body far infrared increases the foot detox’s benefits, allowing you to detoxify quicker and more efficiently!
      • Provides Pain Relief: Far infrared heat is often used to penetrate into the tissues and provide pain relief. The most common place for the belts to be used is around the waist and lower back. However, they can be placed almost anywhere to help with aching joints and muscles!
      • More Coverage: This particular belt is increased in size and strength. With a 4 foot length and 4.5 inch width, it can cover much more area and produce higher levels of heat. It also comes with an extender for heavier set people. In total, the belt offers a 50-inch length without extender and 64-inch length with extender. 

      The temperature for the infrared belt is about 140°F. Remember, temperature is not important; the fact that you are receiving far infrared heat is.

      Note: The infrared belt can work with or without the ionic detox function.

      Benefits of Using the Infrared FIR Belt with Ionic Detox Foot Baths

      • Detox, Weight Loss, and Skin Purification -The Infrared Belt increases the body’s core temperature, helping to sweat and increase blood flow. When blood flow is increased, toxins are pulled out of injured tissues more effectively. This in turn also assists in weight loss and skin purification as your pores are cleansed. Infrared Belts also help to alleviate the toxic overload effect that happens when brown fat in the body is broken down.
      • Pain Relief – Because of the increase in circulation and muscle relaxation that comes from heat therapy, you’ll experience less pain and aching in your muscles or joints. This includes arthritis pain.
      • Enhances Negative Ions – Infrared Belts enhance the healing effects of negative ions. Essentially the Infrared Belt acts like a magnet that helps to pull negative ions throughout your body, promoting your body’s natural ability to detoxify itself.
      • Improved Oxygen Flow and Healing – Heat increases oxygen delivery to tissues. When you use an Infrared Belt on a swollen part of your body, you are helping increase the oxygen supply to that area. Increase in oxygen means better tissue repair. This also gets rid of carbon dioxide, lowering the acid level in tissues.
      3 Reasons Not to Let Your Health Waste Away One More Day; Most Powerful Ionic Detox Machine, 5 Year Warranty, Consultation with Doctor
      3 Reasons Not to Let Your Health Waste Away One More Day; Most Powerful Ionic Detox Machine, 5 Year Warranty, Consultation with Doctor


      • Cardiac Pacemaker or other electrical implant
      • Pregnancy or Breastfeeding


      • We recommend that you get a free consultation with Dr. Cooper if you have any health concerns.
      • Radiation or Chemotherapy. Many of our customers who were doing radiation or chemotherapy treatments found good results from doing ionic detox at the same time. It's up to you. You will need to drink plenty of water. You may want to do the ionic detox two days away from the cancer treatment.
      Customer Testimonials of IonizeMe Products

      Ionic Detox Video Instructions

      This Video is Available on DVD

      IonizeMe Ionic Detox Systems – The Best Ionic Foot Baths on the Market

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 30 reviews
      Joan Walker
      Love it!

      So far great! Simple to use and powerful

      Leonard Daidone
      IonizeMe Max Dual Pro

      Your IonizeMe max machine is absolutely AMAZING… I have been using Ionic foot baths for more than 20 years and your machine surpassed my expectations. I am well versed in detoxing protocols due to the myriad of health challenges I have had to navigate through the years. I consider Ionic foot baths foundational to whole body health. If you consider the onslaught of contaminants that your body fights on a daily basis from the air we breathe, water we drink, adulterated food we eat not to mention EMF pollution etc. Nothing is as effective in enabling your liver to detox on a cellular level as an Ionic foot bath. Your unit is extremely effective, with my other professional machine I required 45 minutes to get the desired effect reaching my gall bladder. Your unit did so in 25 minutes, my pain level decreased dramatically, my urine pH increased from 7 to 8, along with my energy level. I have spent the last 40 years studying alternative methods to care for my body. I utilize my vibration plate prior to the foot bath to increase my lymphatic flow. My consultation with Dr. Cooper was VERY informative he is extremely knowledgeable. When I explained that I utilize ozone therapy, Infrared Sauna, PEMF device daily to support my sympathetic and parasympathetic device, KAATSU device to optimize my vascular system and build muscle along with a host of supplements. Your consultant Dr. Cooper explained that I am doing too much, overloading my body. I had no idea that I should be using the foot bath three times weekly for 3 months, when I did so my overall health improved dramatically, not to mention the visible difference in my skin. When you do a search for Ionic foot baths you will find many units on the market the majority of which are “made in China” they are cheap plastic units that do not have the power your unit does. Your unit is metal made in the USA not plastic, the infrared belts are great and the difference in how much the array is putting out is double that of my other units. You absolutely get what you pay for when it comes to your unit verses others on the market and your full 5 year warranty backs that up! A picture is worth a thousand words you can see draw from the first 30 minute foot bath posted below.

      Great results

      I started using Ionic Foot Detox machines about 5 years ago. This has helped me immensely with pain and the symptoms of MS. My neurologist is so impressed with the results I've been having with the machines from Health and Med that she asks me every 3 months when I go in for a checkup if I'm stilling doing them. I wouldn't trust a machine from anywhere else!

      Partially working unit

      I received my 2 person unit with only 1 side working correctly. They were kind to issue a return shipping label but say they are way behind on units so there is not idea when I will actually get a working unit. I love the unit but do not like that it does not fully work and cannot get another one asap. If I do not get one shipped in a couple more days I will seek a full refund and purchase elsewhere.

      Not as happy

      The 1st order via Amazon was great.
      Thi on had no chart a small bag of cleaner.
      Sad tgat I have to order via Amazon to get the extra perks...