Aqua Drum Water Filter, with improved hand pump or Rechargeable Power Pump.
Sagan Aqua Drum Water Filtration System Complete Kit.
Quick Connector, Tubing, improved hand pump, rechargeable power pump and replacement filter.
Sagan Aqua Drum Filter Kit 55 Gallons
Sagan Aquadrum fast filtration system with rechargeable power pump.
Sagan Aqua Drum Filter Kit 55 Gallons
Sagan Aqua Drum Filter Kit 55 Gallons

Sagan Aqua Drum Filter Kit 55 Gallons


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  • Removes 99.9999% of Bacteria, 99.99% of Virus, and 99.99% of Protozoa such as Giardia/Cryptosporidium
  • Purifies 250 gallons of water – that’s four and a half 55-gallon drums.
  • 55 Gallon Filter ( Barrel not included )
  • Fits most standard water drums
  • Can be dried out for storage and can be use again and again
  • Long Term Water Storage Container

Replacement Water Filter for Sagan Filtration System

The Sagan AquaDrum™ water filtration system was made with  patented filtration media technology ( Nano Fiber Technology ).  Water purification is  based on electroadsorption of contaminants, not mechanical filtration. 

Layers are made of non-woven, nano-alumina coated glass fibers containing powdered activated carbon (PAC) and antimicrobial protection (silver).The electro-positively charged media acts like a magnet attracting and retaining contaminants, as small as viruses, out of the water as they come in contact with the media.

The Journey water filter can be used again and again without any adverse effect. In addition, the filter can be dropped without damaging the filter.

The AquaDrum™ 55 Gallon Drum Water Filtration System is a fast, easy way to get safe, and purified drinking water out of your 55-gallon drum; no matter how long that water has been in there.  In addition, this filtration system has been tested by NELEC – EPA Certified Water Laboratories in accordance with Aqua Veritas end of life testing certification standards!

How to get purified emergency drinking water fast and easy? 

  1. Attach the Power Pump to the Journey Filter using the quick connect and tubing. 
  2. Drop the filter into the water barrel. It pretty much sits on top of the barrel opening. 
  3. Push the button on the Power Pump and pure clean water immediately flows.

When does the filter need to be changed?

It will depend on how much water you use and how contaminated it is. Since the filter acts as a magnet, your filter will get clogged up over time. When it gets to the point of not being able to get water out of the filter, or the flow is not sufficient for your needs, it is time to change your filter. The water is still safe to drink, even if there is only a trickle of water coming out.


  • 1 Journey Filter 
  • Quick Connector
  • Improved Hand Pump
  • Rechargeable Power Pump
  • Tubing

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