PJ8000 Replacement Filter
Replacement Filter PJ-8000
Replacement Filter PJ-8000

Replacement Filter PJ-8000


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Replacement Filter PJ-8000 for Chanson Water Ionizer

Chanson PJ-8000 is the upgraded filter option that uses a multi-layer process to provide an improved filtration process, for upgraded Miracle MAX Royale and Chanson Miracle MAX sold after 2018.

PJ-8000 replacement is Chanson's top-graded filter that uses multi-layer process to improved filtration process using:

Activated Carbon impregnated with silver- Addresses Odor, Chlorine,
Bleaches, Pesticides,
Chemical remains, Germs & Bacteria.

Food Grade Calcium Sulfite- Using chemical reaction to
address out up to 99% of the Chlorine.

KDF55 - Addresses Chlorine, Lead,
Heavy metals and Free Radicals.

Hollow Fiber Membrane - With hollow fibers' fine 0.01 Micron,
It is able address Bacteria, Viral contaminants, and
Free Radicals in the water supply.

Note: After replacing the filter. Please remember to manually reset the filter count of your Chanson Water Ionizer.