Far Infrared Belt for Ionic Foot Detox Machines - 64 Inch Length

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  • 50-Inch Length Without Extender, 64-Inch Length With Extender (Included)
  • Provides Synergistic Therapeutic Benefits When Used In Combination With Ionic Detox Foot Baths
  • Made With Bamboo Charcoal
  • Helps With Weight Loss, Detox, and Skin Purification, Among other Benefits
  • Male and Female Plug Options Available

This far infrared belt requires an Ionic Foot Detox machine to work and provides deep penetration effect, high number of calories burnt, best for body trimming targeted at waistline, reducing waist size by eliminating excessive fat, relieving back pain to provide lumbar support, diminishing abdominal stretch marks and removing bad skin condition such as belly wrinkles.

Benefits of Using the Infrared FIR Belt with Ionic Detox Foot Baths

  • Detox, Weight Loss, and Skin Purification -The Infrared Belt increases the body’s core temperature, helping to sweat and increase blood flow. When blood flow is increased, toxins are pulled out of injured tissues more effectively. This in turn also assists in weight loss and skin purification as your pores are cleansed. Infrared Belts also help to alleviate the toxic overload effect that happens when brown fat in the body is broken down.
  • Pain Relief – Because of the increase in circulation and muscle relaxation that comes from heat therapy, you’ll experience less pain and aching in your muscles or joints. This includes arthritis pain.
  • Enhances Negative Ions – Infrared Belts enhance the healing effects of negative ions. Essentially the Infrared Belt acts like a magnet that helps to pull negative ions throughout your body, promoting your body’s natural ability to detoxify itself.
  • Improved Oxygen Flow and Healing – Heat increases oxygen delivery to tissues. When you use an Infrared Belt on a swollen part of your body, you are helping increase the oxygen supply to that area. Increase in oxygen means better tissue repair. This also gets rid of carbon dioxide, lowering the acid level in tissues.
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