Coarse Grain Himalayan Pink

Coarse Grain Himalayan Pink Salt (5-8mm)


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Coarse Grain Himalayan Salt

This Coarse Grain Himalayan Pink Salt:

  • Is one of the purest salts available for cooking, therapeutic and cosmetic uses
  • Is harvested from ancient sea salt deposits in the Himalayan Mountains
  • Ranges in color from off-white to pink
  • Includes over 84 minerals and trace elements such as: calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron
  • Is food grade and antimicrobial
  • Has a unique flavor profile and nutritional value
  • Great for bath salts, body scrubs and other spa applications

Learn more about the benefits of Himalayan salt products.

Promote Healthy Eating

If you’re still using regular “table” salt, it’s time to switch to a full-spectrum salt that contains the full spectrum of trace minerals.

A craving for junk foods is often just a craving for full-spectrum salt. When your body lacks minerals, it urges you to consume more. Your mind misinterprets this as a craving for salty snack foods. But consuming full-spectrum salt like coarse Himalayan salt (in a reasonable amount) can often ease your junk food cravings.

If you’re into juicing, exercise a lot or live in a very hot climate, your body may actually crave more salt because you’re eliminating salt through excessive sweating and urination. But processed salt doesn’t provide all the minerals your body needs to replenish. (And popular sports drinks are a joke.) Only full-spectrum salt fulfills your body’s true salt needs.

Benefits and Uses of Coarse Grain Himalayan Pink Salt

  • Trace Minerals: With 80+ more elements than just sodium and chloride, it includes trace minerals that the body needs.
  • Pollution Free: Formed over millions of years, it is not processed like white salt. Completely free from pesticides, PCBs and other synthetic chemicals.
  • Salt stores forever: Potentially already millions of years old, there is no expiration date! We also already know you can make salted meats to preserve their storage life plus salt makes other foods turn into preparedness foods.
  • Salt helps prevent dehydration: This is why animals enjoy salt licks. Salt is an essential compound that allows your body to store water and move water among your cells
  • Salt Preserves Foods: turning fresh foods into storable preparedness foods. If you have salt, you can make salted meats, salted fish, butter and fermented foods like sauerkraut.

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