BEAUTY Natural Series Foaming Face Wash Perfect for Gentle Cleansing - 150ml- by APLGO
BEAUTY Natural Series Foaming Face Mask for gentle cleansing

BEAUTY Foaming Face Wash Gentle Cleansing - 150ml


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 Foaming Face Wash Perfect for Gentle Cleansing!

  • relaxes the skin and fights wrinkles
  • safe and ideal for daily use
  • effectively removes makeup and prepares the skin for subsequent care
  • it has an airy, pleasant texture, turns the cleansing process into a pleasure

Experience the comforting touch of our light cleansing foam, designed to delicately remove makeup and prepare your skin for the next steps in your skincare routine. Its gentle yet powerful formula ensures an effective makeup removal, creating the ideal foundation for the subsequent care your skin deserves.

How to use Foaming Face Wash?

Put a small amount of gentle cleansing foam (the size of a walnut) on your palm. Spread it evenly across your palms. Gently apply the foam to the desired areas for cleansing and softly massage. Rinse off the foam thoroughly with warm water for a refreshing finish.

This combination of BEAUTY skin care products and the BTY lozenges are an innovation in at home skin care. It will change your perception of skin care products forever.

Recommended for daily cleansing.

How it works

Proprietary blend of Natures and Technology to create truly innovative products that deliver both swift and lasting effects.

Niacinamide- This ingredient is a variant of vitamin B3, nurtures the outer layer of the skin, enhancing resilience and texture while keeping pores minimized. Additionally, it contributes to regulating oil production, and the best part is, it suits all skin types.

Lactic acid- contributes to enhancing the natural radiance of the skin.

Inositol- provides skin-smoothing benefits.

Glycolic acid- smooths the skin, defense against natural aging and the effects of facial expressions. Additionally, it promotes a healthy skin tone and radiant complexion.

EARLY BOOST®- an exclusive plant-based taurine derived from Jania rubens, the spender-beaded coral seaweed. The skincare benefits are simply amazing! This special ingredient revitalizes your skin, preserves its youthful glow, and even delays those initial signs of aging. It's the beauty booster that enhances your natural radiance – that's why we've made it a key part of our BEAUTY product lineup.

SYN®-AKE*- (SYN® is a trademark of DSM) the powerhouse ingredient that smooths facial expression lines for a youthful appearance. Our faces have about 60 muscles tirelessly working for us, day in and day out. As we hit 25, our facial muscles show their hard work. SYN®-AKE* provides quick and lasting benefits, this innovation is totally safe winning a Swiss Technology Award for safety in pharmaceutical technologies. Your shortcut to smoother skin! 

Gatuline® Expression- your ticket to skin resilience! With its calming and relaxing properties, it's perfect for maintaining a smooth skin surface. And here's a bonus – use it around the eyes for rejuvenation, smoothing, and a natural contour. Plus, it's certified as COSMOS/ECOCERT, NPA, and NSF. 

Why Choose BEAUTY Skin Care

No Parabens, No Microplastics, No Petroleum Jelly, No phthalate, No formaldehyde, No oil and fuel oil,  No synthetic fragrances, and we do not test our products on animals.

Our BTY lozenge ingredients are energized through the use of a new technology. The Acumullit SA® innovation doesn't just enhance the effectiveness of our lozenges; it also maximizes the full potential of our BEAUTY skincare products. With Acumullit SA®, we unlock and release the beneficial properties of each active ingredient, for optimal results.

The synergy between our BEAUTY skincare products and BTY lozenges represents a groundbreaking innovation in at-home skincare. Get ready for a transformation in how you perceive and experience skincare products – it's a game-changer!

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