Natural Series Beauty Intensive Care Eye Cream - 30 ml, by APLGO-
BEAUTY Natural Series Eye Cream Intensive Care 30ml.

BEAUTY Eye Cream Intensive care by APLGO - 30 ml


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Say goodbye to aging, and hello to refreshed eyes!

  • Fights against minor wrinkles, fights against over dryness and puffiness under eyes
  • Provides lifting effect, nourishing, moisturizing with cumulative effect
  • Brightens and revitalizes dark circles, puffiness, and signs of weariness 
  • Reduces the appearance of “crow’s feet” and other mimic lines
  • Smooths and nourishes the skin around eyes
  • Provides feeling of comfort and freshness

BEAUTY eye cream is tailor-made for the delicate skin around your eyes. Its moisturizing effect works wonders for all skin types, aiming to restore firmness, elasticity, and impart a radiant glow. 

How to use BEAUTY Eye Cream?

For optimal application, whether it's morning or evening, ensure the skin around your eyes is thoroughly cleansed. Using gentle motions, apply the cream along the bony edge of the upper and lower eyelid, moving from the nasal bridge to the temples. Extend the application to the outline of your lips with a circular motion. For evening use, apply the cream at least one hour before bedtime to allow for maximum effectiveness while your muscles are still active.

This combination of BEAUTY skin care products and the BTY lozenges are an innovation in at home skin care. It will change your perception of skin care products forever.

How it works? 

It blends both science and nature to craft genuinely innovative products with both rapid and enduring effects:

Zinc oxide- regulates the sebaceous glands in oily skin and calming areas of inflammation. It's gentle enough for sensitive skin, reducing redness and irritation. This mineral forms a protective skin layer, combating harsh environmental factors and providing natural protection against ultraviolet radiation.

Aloe barbadensis extract- provides optimal skin hydration without causing excessive shine or pore congestion. Packed with antioxidants like beta-carotene, vitamins C, and E, it enhances the skin's natural complexion, ensuring long-lasting hydration and suppleness. Once absorbed, this component stimulates fibroblast proliferation, crucial for collagen and elastin synthesis, promoting skin elasticity. Additionally, aloe vera exhibits a mild antibacterial effect, beneficial for maintaining healthy skin microflora, especially in cases of acne.

Tocopherol (Vitamin E)- is a powerhouse in skincare. It diminishes wrinkle depth, boosts collagen synthesis, and safeguards against age-related pigmentation. Not just that, it decelerates the onset of age-related skin laxity. Tocopherol speeds up tissue regeneration, guards against acne scars, aids in moisture retention, leaving the skin smooth and toned. Its most cherished attribute by cosmetologists is its remarkable antioxidant properties.

Jojoba Oil- supports skin texture and works to smooth it while providing robust defense against dryness. Packed with an amino acid resembling collagen, it enhances skin elasticity and firmness. High concentrations of Vitamin E, a potent antioxidant, join the battle against the appearance of wrinkles, ensuring your skin stays resilient and youthful.

Grape seed Oil- contains more than 70% linoleic acid. It is rich in vitamins, fatty acids, and microelements, particularly Vitamin E. Such composition supports production of collagen and elastin that support skin’s elasticity. This oil has wound-healing properties that boost regeneration of damaged tissues.

Avocado Oil- is a powerhouse with potent antibacterial, nourishing, moisturizing, and regenerating properties. Surpassing olive oil in essential fatty acids, it boasts high concentrations of vitamins and essential minerals like sodium, calcium, potassium, and zinc. Vitamins A and E, particularly beneficial for skin health. Avocado oil not only guards against the premature onset of wrinkles caused by a lack of elastin and collagen but also combats age spots effectively.

Argan oil- stands out as a rare and richest in nutritional components. Abundant in Omega-6, linoleic, and oligo-linoleic acid, it is renowned for its anti-inflammatory effects, complexion-balancing properties, and prevention of rapid cell fading. This oil goes above and beyond by providing intensive moisture, softening the skin, nourishing and restoring weakened tissues, and enhancing the regenerative function of epidermal cells. 

Almond oil- contains numerous acids, phytosterols, and high concentrations of vitamins E, K, and cholines. These elements work harmoniously to promote skin health, leaving it soft, evening out the complexion, making the skin smooth, enhancing elasticity, and smoothing out wrinkles for a radiant and youthful appearance.

Bisabolol-  may assist with tissue regeneration and activate the process of skin repair due to high concentration of bioactive molecules. Effective in the body’s fight against skin inflammation of various origins. Its soothing, antimicrobial effects are widely known in the skin care industry. 

Sodium carrageenan- boasts more than just thickening properties. Can be found in the cell walls of red algae. This unique ingredient comes with moisturizing and rejuvenating effects, softening the skin while providing an anti-inflammatory impact. It goes a step further by enhancing the natural regeneration of the epidermis, acting like a "second skin" that forms a protective barrier against aggressive environmental factors.

Sodium hyaluronate- engages fibroblast receptors, prompting them to generate their own hyaluronic acid. Notably, products containing this component avoid the typical "greasy" feeling associated with some moisturizers. Sodium hyaluronate not only moisturizes the skin but also invigorates fibroblasts, retarding natural aging, averting wrinkle formation, smoothing existing ones, addressing inflammatory processes in acne, and delivering essential nutrients to the deep layers of the epidermis. 

Malachite extract- has strong antioxidant activity and a powerful detoxifying effect. It is a specific copper complex that helps protect the skin from environmental aggressions and oxidative stress. It is also known for its bactericidal properties.

EARLY BOOST®- an exclusive plant-based taurine derived from Jania rubens, the spender-beaded coral seaweed. The skincare benefits are simply amazing! This special ingredient revitalizes your skin, preserves its youthful glow, and even delays those initial signs of aging. It's the beauty booster that enhances your natural radiance – that's why we've made it a key part of our BEAUTY product lineup.

SYN®-AKE*- (SYN® is a trademark of DSM) the powerhouse ingredient that smooths facial expression lines for a youthful appearance. Our faces have about 60 muscles tirelessly working for us, day in and day out. As we hit 25, our facial muscles show their hard work. SYN®-AKE* provides quick and lasting benefits, this innovation is totally safe winning a Swiss Technology Award for safety in pharmaceutical technologies. Your shortcut to smoother skin! 

Gatuline® Expression- your ticket to skin resilience! With its calming and relaxing properties, it's perfect for maintaining a smooth skin surface. And here's a bonus – use it around the eyes for rejuvenation, smoothing, and a natural contour. Plus, it's certified as COSMOS/ECOCERT, NPA, and NSF. 

Why Choose BEAUTY Skin Care

No Parabens, No Microplastics, No Petroleum Jelly, No phthalate, No formaldehyde, No oil and fuel oil,  No synthetic fragrances, and we do not test our products on animals.

Our BTY lozenge ingredients are energized through the use of a new technology. The Acumullit SA® innovation doesn't just enhance the effectiveness of our lozenges; it also maximizes the full potential of our BEAUTY skincare products. With Acumullit SA®, we unlock and release the beneficial properties of each active ingredient, for optimal results.

The synergy between our BEAUTY skincare products and BTY lozenges represents a groundbreaking innovation in at-home skincare. Get ready for a transformation in how you perceive and experience skincare products – it's a game-changer!


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