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Water Pure Survivor Portable Hand Unit


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  • Totally portable water filtration system
  • Easily worn in the included backpack
  • 3 stage SMART nano filtration
  • Hand operated
  • Filters viruses, bacteria, cysts

Hand-Operated Personal Portable Water Filtration System

from Water Pure Technologies

With the Water Pure Survivor Portable Hand Water Filtration System, you have a dependable way to filter up to 90 gallons of water per hour. Never get caught in a scary situation without clean water on hand. The 3 stage nano filtration features a SMART filter that is based off coconut carbon and is silver impregnated. This filter cleans out 99.9999% of viruses and 99.9996% of bacteria and 99.95% of cysts. This filter also minimizes the amount of lead, iron, cadmium, chromium, selenium and mercury in the water.

Portable Water Filter Backpack and Wrench Included

Filter and dispense crystal clear water almost anywhere at anytime! Everything you need for this filter fits in the included backpack. In addition, the filter comes with a wrench so that you can easily replace your used filters with new ones while on the go. This hand-powered portable water filtration system has everything you need to keep clean water on hand. In other words, you can have water whether you're camping, just roughing it in the great outdoors, or caught in an emergency situation.

Survive on Up to 90 Gallons of Filtered Water Per Hour

During a disaster, FEMA disaster relief may not be readily available. Because of this, you and your family could be waiting for assistance for hours or even days. Sadly, this is an unfortunate reality. During this time you want to keep your family’s water supply available, clean, and healthy. Even in smaller emergency situations, filtered water can make a world of difference. This ensures you and your family never have to go thirsty. The Water Pure Survivor Portable Water Filtration System allows you to survive off the grid with clean water for as long as you need to because it has the ability to filter up to 90 gallons per hour.
2nd Stage 3rd Stage
Microns Each Module 5 Micron N/A
Material Each Module Pleated Activated Carbon Silver Carbon Infused Nano Filter
What it Removes Removes odors, heavy metals, and chlorine. Improves taste Reduces, fluoride, chlorine, lead, heavy metals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, DNA, RNA, arsenic, chromium, endotoxins, mercury, and much more
Flow Rate 1.5 Gallons per Minute
Gallons Filtered Up to 5,000 Gallons
% of Contaminant Removed 99.9999% Viruses, 99.9998% Bacteria, 99.99% Giardia, Cysts, Protozoan
Certification IAPMO, Space