Royale Undercounter Ionizer

Chanson Miracle M.A.X.™ Royale Undercounter Ionizer (7-plate)


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Chanson Miracle M.A.X.™ Royale Undercounter Ionizer (7-plate)

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Chanson Miracle M.A.X.™ Royale, a revolutionary undercounter stainless steel smart digital faucet ionizer!

Includes full lifetime warranty on parts and 5 years on labor

Now you can enjoy all of the great features of the M.A.X. but with an under-counter ionizer that doesn’t clutter your counter. All you will see above the sink is a beautifully designed stainless steel faucet head and a touch sensitive computerized Smartphone panel.

The Chanson Miracle M.A.X.™ Royale water ionizer was developed to be used in hospitals but is suitable for home use.

You’ll love the:

  • Sleek and beautifully designed stainless steel faucet head and easy to use Smartphone-like display panel that allows you to make all of your selections at the faucet with a gentle touch of the screen
  • 7 medical grade non-leaching Titanium plates featuring Nano Fritting Technology
  • Mineral salt port to enhance strength of acid water (great for those with soft water)
  • Same great limited lifetime warranty as the original M.A.X.

    The manufacturer highly recommends the addition of an Inline Remineralizer Cartridge for Chanson Miracle M.A.X. water ionizer customers who live in soft water areas because alkaline minerals are a necessary part of the ionization process.


    Basic- Chanson Miracle Maxx Royale Undercounter Ionizer (7 Plates)

    With C3+Armor - Chanson C3-Filter and Ionizer Armor

    Nano Plus - Royale Nano Plus+Armor  

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    Why Chanson? What is the most important consideration when choosing which water ionizer to purchase? When it comes to the water that you drink, there is nothing else more important than the manufacturer behind the product.

    Here are the top reasons why customers choose Chanson ionizers:

    • Chanson is a 30+ year old Taiwanese water filter manufacturer and is a well-known household name in Taiwan with a stellar reputation for quality and affordability. Chanson operate 400+retail stores throughout the world.
    • Chanson is the only water ionizer manufacturer that produces 100% health products. In contrast, the competitors do not focus entirely on health products. For example, Kangen is owned by Toyorubber a tire company. Buying from a health company is safer!
    • Chanson is the product manufacturer and not a parts assembler like many of the competitors. They have ISO 9001 certification and will soon have the ISO 14001,  CE certified and will soon have a UL listing. Chanson have multiple awards and certificates including the coveted Good Design award. They have NSF certification on the filters and proud members of the Water Quality Association.
    • Chanson’s advanced circuitry and electronics not only provide some of the most powerful ionizers on the market but also the most compact and space saving, the counter top models are up to 60% smaller than the competitors with the same and often times better performance.
    • They possess a number of patents including “Nano coating” process which provides an extremely dense and conductive electrode surface which creates superior ionization.
    • They test 100% of their ionizers before shipping to ensure the highest customer satisfaction and lowest defect rates.
    • They provide a full line of advanced alkaline water ionizers, water filters, filter replacements and cartridges to meet your families’ water, ionization and purification needs.
    • They provide extensive training, education and product knowledge to their dealers on all water ionizing products.Therefore, dealers can provide installation and exceptional customer service. Their dealers are the most knowledgeable in the industry and can answer any questions you may have, regarding installation, technical support, and general knowledge. They believe in providing the best customer service possible, so you can be sure that once you purchase a Chanson Water® Ionizer you have the best in the industry.
    • They have a price protection policy (we try to stay below market rate on all of our products) to insure our customers get the best prices.
    • They have the best Lifetime Warranty in the industry. The VS-70, Miracle, Miracle M.A.X. and Revolution include full lifetime warranties on parts and a 5 year warranty on labor.The Violet has a full 3 year warranty on parts and labor.
    • They are a company of ethics and integrity and will never sacrifice quality for profits.

    Chanson Manufacturing Plant in Taiwan has ISO 9001 Certificates for all of Chanson's products.

    • Chanson Water is Better Business Bureau accredited (BBB)
    • Chanson Water ISO 9001 Certified
    • Chanson Water is verified of Conformity with CE directives
    • Chanson Water cares with hazardous substances (RoSH)
    • Underwriter Laboratory (UL)(In progress)
    • Chanson Water is member of Water Quality Association
    • Chanson Water comply to National Standard Foundation International(NSF)
    • Chanson Water is anti-bacteria certified
    • Chanson Water ionizer was tested by independent and prestigious lab and its alkaline water is considered higher anti-oxidization value
    • Chanson's EPA registration number is 90977

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