Troubleshooting the Ionic Detox Foot Bath System With Wrist Strap

Troubleshooting the Ionic Detox Foot Bath System With Wrist Strap - HEALTHandMED

Troubleshooting Your IonizeMe Classic Ionic Foot Detox System

Our IonizeMe Classic ionic foot baths rank among the most popular Ionic Detox Foot bath spa machines we currently offer, and as such we sometimes get calls from customers who are trying to troubleshoot things they run into, particularly when first setting up their IonizeMe Classic system. We decided to cover this in a blog entry today so we might be able to help a few people out there with similar issues and concerns.

My Alarm Sounds When Adding Salt or With No Salt

One of the most common occurrences with the IonizeMe Classic is using the correct amount of salt to prevent the alarm from going off. You only need a small amount — 1/8 teaspoon or 1/2 milliliter or the amount that can be pinched between a thumb and forefinger. If the alarm continually goes off even when you add no salt, this is commonly caused by high salt content in the tap water. Try using different water.

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Amperage Remains at Zero, Wrist Strap Doesn’t Work, or “Current Error”

If the amperage remains at 0 or you get an error message like the one shown above, then do the following:

  1. Make sure the feet are in the water.
  2. Make sure there is no jewelry near the wrist strap.
  3. Make sure the wrist strap is adjusted fairly tightly around the wrist.
  4. After removing any metal watch or jewelry from the wrist. Open the wrist band clamp. Place the wrist band around the wrist. Place a small amount of water, aloe vera gel, or other conductive lotion on the rectangular metal wrist strap electrode. Then pull the band tight so that the metal electrode contacts the inside of the wrist and close the wrist band clamp. It is very important that the wrist band electrode remain in close contact with the skin. If not, the screen will say Current error, and the timer will still continue to count.
  5. If the previous measures don't help, the problem could be the connection of the wrist strap to the machine. Check the connection. Try using a small screwdriver or razor blade to adjust outwards the metal strips of the wrist strap plug (banana plug) to make the plug wider.

In conclusion, Ionic Detox Foot Baths have become increasingly popular in recent years as people are more aware of the toxins they are exposed to in everyday life. The color change in the water during a session can indicate what toxins are being released from the body, although it may take some time and observation to accurately determine this. Troubleshooting common issues with Ionic Detox Foot Bath machines, such as the IonizeMe Classic, can help ensure a successful and enjoyable experience for users. Overall, with proper use and troubleshooting, the IonizeMe Classic foot detox machine can be considered one of the best ionic foot detox machines on the market.

If none of these measures help, call or email us and we’ll be happy to get you up and running again!