Ionic Foot Detox and the Bohr Model in Atomic Physics

Ionic Foot Detox and the Bohr Model in Atomic Physics - HEALTHandMED

Voltage is a very important part of an effective ionizing process -- so much so, that any ionic foot detox machine on the market that outputs less than 13.6 volts simply will not work.

According to Bohr’s theory at least 13.6 Volts of energy is required to free the electron from its ground state, therefore creating true ionization. It is important to maintain a voltage above this minimum to create a level of ionization that allows for saturation to occur.

Low power levels can produce ionization, but these released ions will recombine as fast as they are produced. Increasing creation faster than they can recombine is essential; you need a regulating and adjustable source of power.

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Conversely, providing too much power to the bath can create a tunneling effect in which the flow overcomes the amount of alloy plate surface available and the overall electrolysis effect lowers.

More is explained in the following video:

For optimal results in your ionic foot detox therapy, it is crucial to use a machine that outputs at least 13.6 volts, and HEALTHandMED offers the best ionic foot detox machine that is adjustable and regulated for an effective and safe ionizing process.