DIY: Removing Toxins from the Body with Ionic Foot Detox

DIY: Removing Toxins from the Body with Ionic Foot Detox - HEALTHandMED

There is an abundance of people nowadays who have foot odor. This could be due to many factors such as sweaty feet, shoes, socks, or other external factors. We're just going to focus on the two leading causes: sweaty feet and bacteria build-up in your shoes. If you're someone with sweaty feet, you must invest in a good quality pair of closed-toe shoes that absorb sweat. When choosing this type of footwear, it's also important to know that they will come with two types, one for athletes called "anti-microbial" and the other non-anti-microbial, usually called porously. In terms of longevity, the anti-microbial will last for a lot longer; however, in some cases, the anti-microbial will be too aggressive and can cause skin irritation on your feet.

Ionic detox foot pads are meant to cleanse and detox the body. The pads are placed inside a pair of specially designed insoles that go into your shoes. It is an easy DIY project with only a few steps to follow.

Steps in DIY Ionic Foot Detox Project

Start this DIY ionic foot detox project by cutting two pieces of fabric that are 1 square foot and 1 inch thick. You will then need to lay one piece on the floor so it's completely flat, and then place the other on top of it with the right side up. 

  • Next, thread a needle with strong thread, hand embroidery thread, or similar material and tie a knot at one end as close to the eye as possible. Next, pull both ends of the line through opposite sides of a corner of the fabric so that you can tie a knot at both ends. This will give you four strands to work with instead of one, making it more robust when completed. Using this technique, secure thread on opposite sides diagonally from each other in the center of each corner where they meet; this is where you will place your ionic foot detox pads.

  • Lay DIY ionic foot detox fabric on a flat surface and cut in half diagonally where you have the thread secured to create two triangle pieces. Remove lines at this time because they can get caught in your scissors and fray the fabric. Now that you have created two pieces, grab one of them and place DIY ionic foot detox pads in the center. There is a variety to choose from that you can buy online or make yourself. You will first place it diagonally, then fold corners to secure a DIY ionic foot detox pad inside the fabric.

  • Take DIY ionic foot detox insoles and lay them on the DIY ionic foot detox fabric so that the DIY foot detox pad is positioned diagonally where you want it to be in the end. Next, cut DIY ionic foot detox cloth into smaller triangles and fold DIY ionic foot detox pads inside of them, tucking DIY ionic DIY feet detox pads under insoles. Finally, you can DIY DIY ionic foot detox pads by taping them into place with clear tape. 

In addition to investing in proper footwear and practicing good hygiene habits, using a foot detox machine like the best ionic foot detox machine may also help to reduce foot odor by removing toxins and impurities from the body that could contribute to the problem.

When you have completed securing DIY ionic feet detox pads in, you will need to stitch. The other main culprit is bacteria build-up in shoes. To solve this, you must wear socks with each pair of shoes to prevent dampness and bacterial build-up from developing within them. If that's not possible or you have a situation where your shoes are in closed contact with the floor, it is essential that you wash them regularly. It can also be helpful to wear synthetic socks, which will prevent bacteria from developing and keep moisture away; however, they have been known to cause allergic reactions for some people, so if this is an issue, then it's best to use a cotton sock instead.

The most important thing is that if you have foot odor, then the first step should always be prevention. This does go without saying, but many people don't think about this when they have an issue with smelly feet, so we just wanted to remind them!