Cleaning Ionic Foot Detox Ionizing Arrays

Cleaning Ionic Foot Detox Ionizing Arrays - HEALTHandMED

At HEALTHandMED, we performed in-house experiments to see how we could push the life of ionizing arrays to the limits. In these experiments, we measured soaking times and the weights of the arrays to determine how much the black cylinder arrays rusted, also taking into account pH tests and the formula for the chemical reaction taking place.

Our results found that, to optimize the life of the array, the following should be observed:

  1. arrays cleaned after each use
  2. non-used cleaning solution should also be used each time
  3. two of our 4cc scoops should be used
  4. cleaning time is approximately 1-2 hours
Also, white vinegar should not be used!  It is too acidic. In a pinch, CLR or other rust cleaning solutions may be used, but it's recommended that our cleaning solution be used to optimize array life and detox efficiency.
By following these recommendations and using our high-quality ionic foot detox machines, you can experience the best possible results for your health and wellness journey.