Discover the Amazing Benefits of Ionized Alkalized Water

Discover the Amazing Benefits of Ionized Alkalized Water - HEALTHandMED

Help Your Body Minimize Oxidative Stress with Ionized Alkalized Water

Learn how to drink Alkaline Water

Hydration is the body’s number one line of defense for battling toxins from daily life. It only makes sense to ingest the most beneficial water that we can. Through water and diet we can help our bodies regulate pH levels as well as fight oxidative stress.

Alkalized Water

Blood must maintain an alkaline pH level of 7.3 to 7.4, while other bodily fluids may be acidic. The body has to regulate everything that is taken in, either through food or drink or even the environment. This usually means a constant effort to buffer acids. Much of our daily intake of foods is decidedly acid, from meat proteins and dairy products to wheat flour in bread and pasta. Soda, wine, tap water, even distilled water is also acid.

We can ease the stress on our bodies by taking a multi-pronged approach. Balance or even skew our foods towards alkaline and hydrate with ionized alkalized water.

Ionized Water

We can get even more bang from our hydration with ionized water, a powerful antioxidant. The key is negative ions which donate electrons to free radicals, thus neutralizing them. Conversely positive charges steal electrons, causing oxidation. Surprisingly most bottled waters and soft drinks are positively charged.

revive fruits veggies

The right food can also provide electrical power, though the window is very small. For example tomatoes right off the vine have electrical energy with high negative oxidative reduction potential (ORP). However a tomato from the grocery store may have close to zero. This holds true for other healthy alkaline produce such as strawberries, broccoli, apricots, etc. But give these neutralized grocery items a soak in ionized alkalized water and watch the negative ORP climb to its fresh-picked state!

Acid Water

In addition to ionized alkalized water, Chanson Water Ionizers also produce acid water, which has many beneficial uses. The skin is actually acidic, and acid water has great healing properties for infections, fungus and acne as well. Acid water also kills e-coli bacteria on contact and makes a useful and natural cleanser for store-bought fruits and vegetables as well as a sanitizer for kitchen counter-tops and utensils.

When you buy a Chanson Water Ionizer from HEALTHandMED you are investing in the health of your future. A must have for any health conscious person – simply the best health gift you can give yourself!