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Ionic Foot Detox Benefits
Ionic Foot Detox Benefits Comprehensive Benefits of Ionic Foot Detox There has been a lot of stigma concerning the validity of ionic foot baths and how the detox actually works - or if it does anything. A lot of companies...
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Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt
Deep within the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains is the purest salt in the world. It is a mineral rich salt with a pink hue. It can be used in lamps, candle holders, inhalers, therapeutic baths and for cooking. Sodium...
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Benefits of Ozone
What is Activated Oxygen? Activated Oxygen (O3) is the triatomic form of oxygen (O2). It is oxygen in its most active stateand is an extremely potent oxidant that has been shown to possess broad spectrumantimicrobial activity. Activated Oxygen (O3) is...
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Benefits of Acid Water
Alkaline and Acid Water The water that your ionizing water purifier outputs is ‘split’ into two forms: ‘alkaline’ and ‘acid’. As has been pointed out elsewhere, the alkalinity and the acidity are more a byproduct of an important change that...
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