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Rectangular Array Ion Ionic Detox Foot Spa 30-50 Uses


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The plate based ion cleanse arrays are superior to the coil based cylinder arrays as they provide more consistent ion production (and amperage) over the life of the foot detox array. The performance of cylinder ion cleanse array degrades with each usage because the diameter of the coil gets smaller each time, thus reducing the active metal surface that generates the ions.

This specially designed foot detox array also lays low at the bottom of the basin so it does not require lots of water to cover it. Less water means higher concentration of ions in the water. The extra vents on the top increase the water flow and make the ion generating process more efficient and make the cleaning job easier. This array is more convenient to wash in the dishwasher since the longer portion of the extension cable may be removed.

HEALTHandMED Array Features:

  • 30-50 Session Life with most ionic detox machines in the industry (or 20-30 Session Life when used with the higher voltage Maxx or Maxx Dual Machines)
  • 6 ionizing plates (100mm x 22mm x 1mm).
  • Compatible with almost all foot bath systems (except the Maxx 5). They have the standard phono jack connector which is 1/4″ diameter and 1.25″ long.

Customer Reviews

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Maxine Denmon
Rectangular Array

Absolutely love it!!! The lower profile uses less water in the foot tub, which makes dumping the yucky water and clean up so much easier!


I thought this array would work better than the arrays that came with the ionic detox machine. I do not see any difference for the higher price.

Sandra Hojnacki
Best Ever

I have all 3 types of arrays and the one I like best is the rectangle array. The original tall one works great as well but the water level is much higher. Dumping is the problem. Much heavier to dump. The rectangle is better for me because I can use less water.

Great support from all the folks I have talked to since receiving my machine. I am loosing weight for the first time in years! Haven't been sick even when those around me are down with the flu. No more brain fog! Yeah! Thank you healthandmed.

Professional Foot Detox

I can only use them about 10 times..Can anyone help What I'm doing wrong..

Please call 888-649-3650 and we can help troubleshoot this for you.

Nathanael Midura
Rectangular Array Ionic Detox Foot Bath Spa

Improvement over the round version. Seems to last longer and doesn’t require as much water to cover being shorter.

Hi Nathanael!

We're glad to hear you are satisfied with your Rectangular Array.
That is our top priority to always make our customers happy.
Thank you so much for sharing this with us!