Leak Detection Sensor

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Leak Detection Sensor

A way to offer protection against unwanted leaks!

When working with plumbing there is always a chance of a leak occurring. Although the PSI maximums are clearly stated on our website, in the installation instructions of our products, and in the Leak
Liability Waiver that we send with our filters, they are not always adhered to.

You can now offer protection against leaks with this water leak detection system. This unit will automatically shut-off the water supply to the filter or ionizer as soon as it senses water on the cabinet floor.


In addition to the water flow being stopped, an alarm will sound and continue to beep until this water leak detection system is no longer wet and the reset button has been pressed.


  • Quick Connect for easy Installation
  • User Friendly Design: One Reset Button
  • Accuracy; stable and reliable quality
  • Colored LED Indicators and Audio Alarms
  • Battery Operated–no need for power cord