Launch Your Ionic Detox Business Guide

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Launching Your Ionic Detox Business – A Comprehensive Guide

It’s time to take ionic detox to the next level! In this guide we walk you through the entire process of starting and running an ionic foot spa business.

Here is what you will learn about in this comprehensive guide:

    • Marketing: Find out where to start marketing your foot spa business. Who will your first customers? How do you keep a steady stream of clients coming in? This section of the guide focuses on everything from establishing referral relationships to developing your online presence. This is what makes or breaks the company!
    • Taking Payments and Bookkeeping: What is the best way to collect payments from customers? How can I keep track of money? These may have not been important before, but if you’re taking your detox business to the next level, it’s time to get serious about it. We walk you through the most preferred and FREE options for doing all of your accounting. Not to mention we help you understand that a lot of bookkeeping can be automated! Don’t waste time with programs that require your full effort. Use the systems we recommend and have your payments, business bank account and other info automatically pulled into your accounting systems!
    • Profits and Costs: Most foot spa businesses fail because they don’t understand the real numbers. They see money coming in, and they spend it. Or they prematurely spend money banking on future growth. If you’re going to be serious about your business you need to understand the numbers. We supply you with worksheets that help you understand how much money you’re really making. We also go through projections on what you could make and what you’re net profit would be. This is one area you can’t look over if you want to succeed and grow.
    • Legal Information: What is the best business type to start? Do I need licensing? These questions and other questions frequently asked by our customers will be answered. A consent form is included
    • Retaining Clients: The lifeblood of your foot spa business is return customers and referrals. In this guide, we walk you through the two most important elements for keeping your customers satisfied and happy! Ignore these and your business will be a constant battle.
    • Ready To Start? Click the link at the top of the screen to get your copy sent to you! Or check out the entire business package, which includes the Launch Your Business Guide. This is the most comprehensive guide available and will give you the confidence you need to start today!