Rectangular Array Ion Ionic Detox Foot Spa 30-50 Use

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The plate based ion cleanse arrays are superior to the coil based cylinder arrays as they provide more consistent ion production (and amperage) over the life of the foot detox array. The performance of cylinder ion cleanse array degrades with each usage because the diameter of the coil gets smaller each time, thus reducing the active metal surface that generates the ions.

This specially designed foot detox array also lays low at the bottom of the basin so it does not require lots of water to cover it. Less water means higher concentration of ions in the water. The extra vents on the top increase the water flow and make the ion generating process more efficient and make the cleaning job easier. This array is more convenient to wash in the dishwasher since the longer portion of the extension cable may be removed.

HEALTHandMED Array Features:

  • 30-50 Session Life
  • 6 ionizing plates (100mm x 22mm x 1mm).
  • Compatible with almost all foot bath systems. They have the standard phono jack connector which is 1/4″ diameter and 1.25″ long.
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