You Can Heal Your Body With Ionic Detox

More than ever people around the world are struggling to find time to actively maintain their health. Most of us aren’t just procrastinating. In the majority of cases we are struggling to overcome our unhealthy lifestyle habits as well as deal with internal imbalances that beset our efforts. If we stop and look at what these various factors are in each of our individual lives we can then make the needed changes. There are several main issues that we all have to look at. 1. The state of our emotions- are we too stressed? 2. Our diet- too much fatty acids, preservatives or sugar? 3. Drug use- Legal or illegal. 4. Our environment- clean water and air are hard to find these days. 5. Gene pool- we have all ed a slew of strengths and weaknesses. The underlying factor in our health is our immune system. It is very important to work to have our immune system working well. When healthy, our immune system will prevent poor health. The entire idea behind ionic foot detox can be summed up very easily. It is a powerful method of helping our immune systems to do a better job at what they are already trying to do, which is to keep us healthy. During an ionic detox session we absorb negative ions that work throughout our bodies to neutralize free radicals and other toxins. As these toxins are neutralized our body’s immune system is able to more effectively clean them out. As Dr M. Amin, PH.D., Doctor of Naturopathy puts it, “Ionic Detox will strengthen the immune system to fight any invading germs, bacteria or viruses. I am a classic example. I do not take any medication including flu shots since 1989. Do I get the flu? never!”

Also vital to a healthy body is a proper acidity. The ideal body pH is 7.3 to 7.4, or slightly alkaline. Our living cells are acidic on the inside within an alkaline surrounding. The proper balance must be maintained for normal metabolic processing. Unfortunately, the average American diet is decidedly acidic, especially with the high doses of fatty acids and particularly sugar. Combining that with other acid increasers like stress and exposure to pollution makes keeping a proper balance difficult. A body that is too acidic will also hold onto more heavy metals like mercury. These metals also cause stress to the body, thus creating more acids and a cruel unhealthy cycle. Improving or maintaining the right balance of alkaline to acid should be done with multiple methods, the most important of which is a balanced diet with a roughly 60/40 ratio of alkaline foods to acid, even higher if the body is too acidic. In addition to a proper diet, ionic detox sessions can also help reduce the pH level in the body by neutralizing acids. Many of these steps towards a healthy body overlap in purpose and go hand in hand, like reducing toxins, increasing alkaline balance and reducing acidity. When your body becomes more alkaline and more efficient at removing toxins, sundry health benefits may occur. In a January 2009 survey, 126 ionic foot detox customers were asked what specific health benefits they or their clients received from using ionic detox foot bath systems. The most common they reported were pain relief, increased energy, improved sleep, improved digestion, decreased swelling, improved circulation, reduced weight, improved skin and emotional benefits. Here are some tips to having a healthy immune system and a strong body:1. Sleep-a well rested body can work much better than a tired one. 2. Eat Right-reduce acidic foods and increase alkaline food intake. 3. Ionic Foot Detox-reduce toxins and acid levels by helping the body excrete them. 4. Exercise-lowers stress and improved blood flows helps body work better. 5. Sunshine Exposure-fight viruses with vitamin D from the sun.