Wild Lettuce and Natural Pain Treatment

Wild Lettuce and Natural Pain Treatment - HEALTHandMED

For some the opioid crisis has led them to look for other less conventional means to treat their pain. For others, the side effects of pain medications have led them to also search for other means to combat their agony. Although we wish we could bottle the fountain of youth, the reality is that our bodies suffer from the advancement of age. The long-despised aches and pains of living become our reality. Day after day the drudgery of taking the necessary pain medication just to get through the day takes its toll. This toll most commonly known as side effects can affect our liver or kidneys.

For many, the desire to have pain relief with fewer side effects is only a dream -- something you can only find in fairy tales. This leads us to try and imagine how life was like for those before the advent of modern medicine. Fortunately, our ancestors actually had access to a number of plants that have wonderful properties for pain relief.

One of these plants is known as Wild Lettuce. Wild lettuce, or lactuca virosa, is a plant that is actually found in many people’s backyards. In fact, most people consider this plant as a weed. This “weed” has many benefits beyond pain relief. For instance, some people use wild lettuce to treat coughs, anxiety, and sleep problems. Wild lettuce is often called “opium lettuce” which is really a misnomer because the plant is not addictive nor does it have the side effects that an opioid would.

As a natural alternative to over the counter pain medications, wild lettuce is often found as an extract or a tincture. HEALTHandMED.com has two products that feature wild lettuce. The first is Wild Lettuce Leaf Extract. This product comes with a dropper and is ready for you to use as your alternative pain reliever. The second product that we have is Dr. Christopher’s Valerian Nerve. This product is a blend of valerian root and wild lettuce leaf. This supplement is effective in treating headaches, stress and other nervous issues, and insomnia.

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