Whole Body Vibration and Squirrels?

Whole Body Vibration and Squirrels? - HEALTHandMED


In the beloved Disney-Pixar movie, Up, we view a couple of occasions where the dogs showcase a lack of focus. When they see a squirrel, they stop what they are doing and say, “Squirrel!” Although comical in nature, for some of us, the inability to focus is part of our daily struggle.

In response to this struggle, in 2014, a study was performed that focused on the use of Whole Body Vibration for healthy individuals and those with ADHD. This study found that, “WBV was demonstrated to improve cognitive performance of healthy individuals as well as of individuals with ADHD”(Fuermaier, 2014). Indeed, Whole Body Vibration is not only beneficial to those with ADHD, but those people that were deemed healthy also received benefits. The assessments tested the cognitive ability of the subject utilizing multiple color and word tests. These assessments proved that individuals of all types were able to improve their scores on the tests following the vibration portion. This affirms that Whole Body Vibration, can indeed, improve your cognitive ability.

In other words, if you are struggling to focus or need to get through the day, Whole Body Vibration can help you return to your task at hand and be more productive.

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