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Using Whole Body Vibration Machines With a Wheelchair

Whole Body Vibration and Wheelchairs

Even customers who are in wheelchairs can benefit from Whole Body Vibration! There are different positions you can try with a Whole Body Vibration Machine to get different benefits. We’ve outlined a few of these below.

Circulation to Lower Extremities – While sitting in the wheelchair, move the wheelchair close to the vibration platform and place feet close together on the platform itself. Move your feet farther apart if you find this more comfortable. Utilize the vibration machine for 1-10 minutes on speeds that you find most comfortable. To work on improving movement of Lymph fluid in ankles, perform the above, but also gently massage your ankles in an upward motion with your hands. This will help relieve swollen ankles and help steer the lymph fluid toward the heart. Again, do this for 1-10 minutes a session.

Neck and Shoulder Massage – While sitting in the wheelchair, place feet on the vibration platform and place forearms on knees. This will provide circulation to the upper body and will also provide pain relief for the shoulder and neck.


You may try TMJ Massage Tool to treat muscles pain, headache, and face pain.

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