What Is The Best Salt To Use?

What Is The Best Salt To Use? - HEALTHandMED

There is a lot of talk out there about which is the best salt? Should I use sea salt, common table salt, Morton salt, Himalayan salt or the other plethora of options?? You may find this article interesting because here at HEALTHandMED.com we don’t believe all salt is created equal. For instance our headquarters is here in Utah next to the Great Salt Lake, yet we definitely don’t consume salt harvested from this lake. Why you might ask? Because choosing the right kind of salt can be the difference in raising or lowering your blood pressure! It’s the difference in detoxing your body and putting polluted foods into your body!

We recently held a class in our facility where we had one of the longest time salt experts explain what to look for in salt. The video below is a small clip of him explaining this. During this class I learned a lot. I learned that one of the major things you need to be aware of when choosing the best salt is where is this being harvested. Sea Salt may have some benefits, however, the biggest concern with sea salt is it’s being harvested out of the our polluted oceans. I doubt you go to the ocean to take a big mouthful of water and drink it. All you have to do is look around to see that you don’t want that water in your mouth! Pollution is rampant in the ocean and the processes these salts go through doesn’t remove these pollutants!

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The next step is to ask if your salt has been stripped of it’s minerals. You often see Morton salt or other common table salts that are pure white and contain no impurities. At first this may seem like a good choice, however, you would be wrong. These companies simply strip the salt of all good properties leaving only the bare essentials ofwhat can be called salt. Why is that bad? Because our bodies can’t digest salt in that format. If the salt has been stripped of the minerals that are attached to the sodium chloride our bodies can’t assimilate the salt. Our bodies hold salt in the format of sodium chloride attached to minerals so when they receive this new type of salt with no minerals it causes high blood pressure and other illnesses.

So what is the best salt? The best salt we have found on the earth is one called Real Salt. This is a salt that comes unpolluted out of an ancient sea bottom in central Utah. The salt is packed full of healthy minerals and goes through the best, safest processing available. This is similar to our second favorite choice, the Himalayan Salt. There are a couple reasons we chose the Real Salt above the Himalayan Salt. One is because it is harvested in the USA it must meet very specific food handling requirements. There are less controls in Pakistan so you must be careful to know you have a quality supplier of the Himalayan Salt. The second reason is blood pressure. We have seen great results in individuals being able to add salt back into their diet that have had to quite eating salt all together. The last reason is taste! Real Salt is the best tasting salt we have ever eaten.

The next time your in the store and need to buy more salt, make sure you don’t buy the polluted, mineral stripped Morton or common table salt. Treat your body right!

Watch the video below to hear from out local expert!