Welders Health Risks

Welders Health Risks

Studies of Canadian welders show that stainless steel welding produces fumes with high levels of nickel and chromium VI. These substances can cause lung cancer. Several studies have confirmed that stainless steel welders have a higher risk of lung cancer. Welders can also be exposed to other hazardous materials like iron, manganese, aluminum, cadmium, silica, lead, UV radiation, and asbestos. Mild steel welding produces fumes containing iron and manganese. The other substances mentioned are also known carcinogens.

In fact, since 2019, the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified all welding fumes as a substance that may cause cancer. In addition, they may also damage the brain, lungs, kidneys, liver, other important organs, and blood composition.

We had a customer named Ethan B.  from Rome, New York, who had worked in welding for 14 years. He had been having terrible headaches, a form of fungus on his back, and brain fog.  He had inflammation in his knees and shoulders. He also had Athlete’s foot with bad toenails. Ethan felt he had created these health problems because he had been breathing the fumes for many years which means he was accumulating toxins all these years.

He must be grateful that he had learned about Ionic Detoxification. Ethan reported that after some footbath detox sessions with IonizeMe Maxx, he is feeling much better. The anxiety he had is gone. The fungus on his back is gone. The swelling and pain are all gone. He was so pleased!

Ionic research studies have shown decreased heavy metals and free radicals in persons undergoing ionic foot bath detox. 

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