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Find Out How to Get in Shape, Relax, and More with the New Whole Body Vibration Machine Exercise Chart from HEALTHandMED

We continue to do what we can to help our customers by providing them with all the tools they can use to embrace natural health. With the release of our new Whole Body Vibration Machine Exercise Chart, we’ve taken 26 different exercises emcompassing Strength, Stretch, Relaxation, and Massage categories and put them all into an easy-to-use- guide that can be hung on the wall at home, your business, or anywhere you’re using your dual-motor vibration machine!

The poster is 19″ x 20″ in size and also includes a quick reference guide that points out the differences between the oscillation and the triplanar motors found in dual motor Whole Body Vibration Machines.

The new HEALTHandMED Whole Body Vibration Machine Exercise Chart is available for FREEwith our award-winning G-Force Professional Vibration Machine as well as our GForce Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine, but is also available separately for use with our other Whole Body Vibration Machines or a machine you already own.

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