Vitamins and their Natural Benefits

Natural Health with Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements

Vitamins and minerals, along with other natural supplements, provide a great way for your body to maintain its health naturally. Each vitamin is unique in the benefits it provides, benefits which are outlined below.

Some Benefits of Natural Supplements

Vitamin A helps your immune system and skin, as well as your eyes.

Vitamin B6 keeps your brain, nerve, and red cells in tip-top shape.

Vitamin B12 helps regulate red cell production and nerve function.

Vitamin C is a very big one, and is especially beneficial for individuals under intense physical stress. In separate studies of people with intense short term physical stress, the incidence of the common cold was cut in half with the use of vitamin C. Another recent study conducted with teenage competitive swimmers, the duration of colds in males was cut in half with vitamin C, though the vitamin didnt have any effect on females. Daily doses of vitamin C of 1 gram or more have reduced the typical duration of colds in adults by 8 percent and in children by 18 percent. Vitamin C also helps with the bones, teeth, and skin.

Vitamin D assists with bone strength and calcium absorption.

Vitamin E helps with red blood cells and protects against cell damage.

Folic Acid keeps your cells healthier and also helps to stave off heart disease.

Vitamin K helps your blood to clot.

Niacin promotes conversion of food to energy.

Riboflavin helps build energy and assists with the body’s chemical processes.

This entry outlines just some of the benefits found in different vitamins. You can keep your body naturally healthy using these natural supplements.