Whole Body Vibration Machine Use Each Day

Whole Body Vibration Machine Use Each Day - HEALTHandMED

When to use Whole Body Vibration Machines

Vibration machines are exercise platforms that oscillate between 30 and 60 times per second. You can exercise your body while sitting, lying or standing on a vibration machine, and your muscles are exposed to multi-directional forces that they must overcome as you workout. Vibration machines can be used for stretching, strengthening and relaxation exercises and they are available for home and commercial use.

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There’s a lot of conflicting information about when one should use Whole Body Vibration Machines. A “Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research” article says vibration exercise may improve muscular strength. Another piece in “International Journal of Obesity” reports that research using laboratory rats as subjects found the activity slows weight gain and encourages greater bone density. These benefits and more are enough to encourage their use, but how often is where things get a little blurry.

Enhance your workout with Vibration Machines

If you’re into making your body healthy and fit, you’ll find some benefits in utilizing the Whole Body Vibration Machine whenever you work out. Simply combining it with your existing routine can really help enhance your body’s overall health as well as the effectiveness of the workout session. Check out some of these WBV machine exercise options.

What if you don’t work out regularly?

Let’s be honest, not all of us work out on a regular basis for various reasons, but it’s easier to make a 10-minute window in each day to do a full body vibration session than it is to find up to 30 minutes to do a full workout. If you manage your time a little and do a 10-minute exercise once or twice a day, you’ll be able to reap a lot of the benefits of using full body vibration therapy.

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So use a full body vibration machine every time you work out or once or twice a day for 10 minutes each. That will definitely get you started. You can increase or decrease the time or the number of days you use it depending on your personal preference and situation.