Troubleshooting IonizeMe Maxx Single & Dual Ionic Foot Detox Machines

Troubleshooting IonizeMe Maxx Single & Dual Ionic Foot Detox Machines - HEALTHandMED

Periodically, there are questions regarding our IonizeMe Maxx Single Ionic Foot Detox Machine and our IonizeMe Maxx Dual Ionic Foot Detox Machine, especially among new users. To help, we’ve put together these useful troubleshooting tips below.

For further reference regarding Ionic Foot Detox in general, as well as for general troubleshooting tips, view our Ionic Foot Detox Frequently Asked Questions.

One Side / Both Sides of My Maxx Dual Machine Not Working at All

With the Maxx Dual, sometimes people over salt and over amp the units. When this occurs, it can cause only one side to appear to work if the customers attempt to use it.

To fix this, just wait at least 30 minutes and then try again, starting with no salt. Check the amperage. Remember, the amps should be around 2.2 so your arrays will last as long as possible. If you’re below 2.2, add salt little by little while keeping an eye on the amperage as you do so. You should always try to add just enough salt to reach 2.2 amps. Voltage should always be around 18 volts.

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If your machine still isn’t working, follow our further troubleshooting tips or contact us for assistance.