Top Benefits in Detox Foot Baths

Detox foot baths are becoming more popular as a holistic way to cleanse your body and rid it of harmful toxins. A foot bath detox can detoxify your cells from the inside out. It can do this by releasing negative ions that are found in the environment. Negative ions work as catalysts, breaking down pollutants and heavy metals within the cells. In addition, it allows them to be broken down more quickly, preventing them from building up in your cells over time.

If you're looking for the best way to experience the benefits of a foot bath detox, then a high-quality foot detox machine like those offered by HEALTHandMED may be just what you need to start feeling your best.

What are the different types of foot baths?

There are several different types of foot baths that contain negative ions. One such type is the Biopulse. The impulse contains Boron and platinum electrodes that emit negative ions. The electrodes produce negative ions and are connected to a water tank. The water is then circulated through a series of pipes with holes. As the liquid passes through the tubes, the positive charge on the electrodes creates a chemical reaction with the Boron and platinum electrodes forming a harmless chemical called Boron.

Benefits of Detox Foot Bath

  • The Biopulse detox foot bath color chart claims that you can eliminate toxins up to thirty times faster than traditional ionic cleansing methods. Ionic cleaning has been the standard for cleansing since the 1970s. It works by filling your bath with warm water, breathing deeply, and then rinsing it away. It works by attracting toxins to the water. Some of these toxins are attached to the pores of the skin, where they remain for days. 


  • Ionic cleansing works well to remove toxins from the environment, this system is different because it targets the skin's pores.


  • It is not known what the impulse ionic foot spas benefits are. The company only advertises that it releases negative ions. They do not mention how they achieve this effect. According to the foot spa industry Association of Professional Spa Technicians, negative ions are used in many spa treatments. 


  • Negative ions are essential because they stimulate the lymphatic system, which helps the body rid itself of waste.

The foot bath color chart says that ionic baths create negative ions through "ionizing." This process was first patented in 1990 by the Kress Corporation. The theory behind ionizing is that an object is charged because of its positive charge, such as a magnet. In ionic baths and foot detox baths, positive accounts are created by passing an electrical current through the water. Since the negative charges are also formed due to electricity passing, the whole thing is supposed to make the water sterile and clean.


  • Many ionic cleansing systems also contain vitamins and herbs that have detoxifying effects. However, there is no record of any studies that support the effectiveness of foot detox baths claims. One of the reasons it may not work is that people tend to shower after using a detox foot bath. As a result, the residue of the ionic treatment may build up in the shower, preventing healthy toxins from being released and recycled.

Effective Way to Detoxify:

A more effective way to detoxify is with foot detox baths since direct contact with the ionized substance. The best bioprocess ionic foot spa is the Life Fitness Ionic Water Bath. This system contains both biofield therapies: the BioPulse detoxification device and a Biopulse Ionic Water Bath. The Biopulse ionic foot spa has two different settings: standard and turbo. Turbo settings increase biofield channels in the body to absorb more toxins, making them smaller and easier to expel.


The BioPulse ionic foot spas are available with optional foot massagers. Foot massagers are portable and can be used to improve circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system. Unfortunately, they also increase the release of toxins by rubbing over the feet and heels. Using foot spas with biofield therapies like the BioPulse ionic water and foot massage is an effective and enjoyable way to rid the body of unnecessary toxins.