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Tips in Detoxing Alcohol at Home

If you’ve been drinking for a while, chances are that your body is saturated with alcohol and other toxins. That means it takes longer to sober up than it did before, because the liver has less room to store all those poisons. Plus, how much you drank affects how long it will take to detoxify: The more you drink in one go, the worse it will be!


Drinking alcohol can lead to a variety of side effects:


-loss of coordination

-difficulty concentrating

-reduced inhibition

-memory lapses

-impaired judgement

-severe drowsiness and fatigue


Alcohol is a depressant that slows how quickly how oxygen enters the body and how it leaves. In high doses, it can cause respiratory failure, coma or even death. However, there are a few natural ways to detoxify the body in a few hours or less.

#1: Cleaning out your stomach

The first step in how to detox from alcohol at home, is getting as much of the alcohol that may have been absorbed into your bloodstream out of your stomach and intestines. Some methods include:

#2: A Cold Shower

Cold showers can be a great way how to detox from alcohol at home. This is how it works:

#3: Drink water to dilute your blood

Drinking water is the best first line of defense how to detox from alcohol at home. Your body has an internal mechanism for dealing with toxins, but sometimes this malfunctions. Drinking water will help ensure you are properly hydrated and that your kidneys are running as efficiently as possible.

#4: Digestive enzymes

Enzymes how to detox alcohol at home can be purchased from your local pharmacy or health food store. These should be taken after a night how to detox from alcohol at home, where you have been drinking. They help ensure the remaining alcohol and toxins in your stomach are broken down and removed properly.

#5: Cayenne pepper

Cayenne how to detox from alcohol at home may help how to detox from alcohol at home by increasing how quickly how your liver processes toxins. You can include how to detox from alcohol at home fresh cayenne in how you make your food, or take a how to detox from alcohol at home of cayenne how to detox from alcohol at home.


Alcohol is a depressant that slows down how your body absorbs oxygen and how it releases carbon dioxide. In high doses, it can cause respiratory failure, coma or even death. But don't worry! There are some natural ways you can detoxify your body from the alcohol in a few hours or less. These methods include drinking lots of water to dilute the alcohol content in one's bloodstream; eating foods rich in vitamin C like oranges, strawberries or citrus fruits which help speed up how quickly our bodies process the toxins; taking charcoal tablets (which adsorb substances) to remove any remaining toxic chemicals before they enter into other parts of the digestive tract where they would be more difficult for us to eliminate on our own; getting plenty of rest so that the body has more energy to work on detoxifying itself; and consuming some natural diuretics like dandelion root tea, chamomile or apple cider vinegar (which act by drawing out water from tissues) to speed up how quickly the kidneys eliminate the unwanted toxins.

If you must have a drink, be sure it is wine , beer or hard liquor and stay away from other carbonated drinks. As a rule, lighter beers have about 90-100 calories per 12 ounces; a glass of wine has 100-120 calories and one shot of hard liquor is approximately 100 calories.

Use moderation with how much alcohol you drink overall in order to keep your calorie intake for the day balanced and try to opt for low-calorie mixers with your beverages.

Lastly, remember that alcohol is a chemical as well as a drug so how we feel after consuming it the first time usually leads us into wanting more, which can easily turn into an addictive pattern. Be mindful of how much you consume at one sitting and how often you drink. Try to drink in moderation and always be prepared with some low-calorie mixers on hand.

If you must have a few too many the night before, remember how much water you should consume the next day so that it helps dilute your blood alcohol levels while also balancing your overall calorie intake for the day and why this may help keep you from feeling the dreaded " hangover" the next day.

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