The Best Himalayan Salt Inhaler

The Best Himalayan Salt Inhaler - HEALTHandMED

Whether it is Dr. Oz, Oprah, or your local health food store – everyone seems to be talking about Himalayan salt air inhalers. Many people are asking which style of Himalayan salt inhaler is best to use, where they can find a good recommendation, or if it really even matters. Before buying one, everyone should know that there are three common types of salt inhalers. Depending on your needs and preferences, you may want one over the other, even though they all more or less get good reviews.

The first inhaler is simple, and thus the least expensive of the inhaler types. It is light weight, but is made of high quality, thick, medical grade paperboard. It doesn’t need refills and feels indestructible. It costs about $25 in most cases.

The next style is an easy to use plastic inhaler. This type is also break resistant. It is a refillable inhaler that uses salt cartridges, which makes for easy replacement. A popular aspect of this style is the ability to disassemble it and wash it. It usually retails for under $30

The porcelain Himalayan salt inhaler is the third, and classic style. This is the same type that Dr. Oz used on his show revently. It is very fragile and will break if dropped. It can be refilled like the plastic style, only it doesn’t use cartridges. You simply poor loose salt into the base of the inhaler. It is the most expensive of the three, around $45. No matter which inhaler you decide to go with, at the end of the day they are all well designed. Everyone should simply decide based on how they look, their durability and the one that best fits their budget. Their is no way to go wrong with Himalayan salt air flushing through your body. Between these various inhaler designs, everyone should be able to find the one that fits them best.