Thanksgiving – Give & Be Grateful!

As many of our followers know, tries our best to give back to the less fortunate. What we have found over time is that the more we give the more grateful we feel for what we personally have. This time of year is always crazy with parties, gifts, expenses and more, but believe it or not, helping others is often the best feeling you will experience through the holiday season. Taking the time to find those in need and helping them seems even more special this time of year. Over the past years has given back to our community through the form of a wonderful girl named Ginger Roth. This past year we were able to help her obtain a hypoallergenic horse for therapy. This horse riding experience helps Ginger by supplying her with therapeutic movements with her cerebral palsy. We most recently found out that Ginger and her mother have brought Dream, the horse, back to their home.

We love our customers and their desires to be healthy and enjoy this life! We want to invite you to spend a little time this holiday season to be grateful for what you have. Your health, family, friends, career, home and the variety of other things we have to be thankful for in this life. There is always something you can be grateful for even in the darkest hours. We also wanted to invite you to take the time this holiday season to seek out those in need and help them! We feel especially thankful for you our followers and customers. Thanks again for your support of our vision and goals. We hope you have a great holiday season and especially a great Thanksgiving week!