Surprising Benefits of Detox Tea

Surprising Benefits of Detox Tea - HEALTHandMED

Detox tea is a drink that you can drink to help your body naturally rid itself of unwanted toxins. Different ingredients are used to promote this process, but typically, detox teas rely on herbs like dandelion root and burdock root.  It's suggested that you drink up to four cups of detox tea daily, but you can also try drinking one to two cups before bed.

Detox teas are blends made from ingredients such as rosemary, sage, and dandelion leaves known to support healthy digestion. Some people believe that these ingredients work by propping up the liver's ability to flush toxins out of the body through urine production naturally. Others think they help cleanse the colon and intestines of any built-up fecal matter and bacteria. And yet, other people enjoy their detox tea because it provides a refreshing beverage with no caffeine content.

Regardless of the reasoning behind drinking these beverages, you should be aware of the potential dangers linked to them. While there is nothing inherently harmful about the ingredients used in detox teas, some people believe that some concoctions could bring on specific symptoms. For example, dandelion and burdock are both considered diuretics and laxatives. If too much of these ingredients are consumed, they could lead to dehydration and irritated skin.

Benefits in Detox Tea:

Standard benefits:

  •  Detoxify your body.
  • Lose weight.

Emotional benefits:

  • Feel healthier, more energetic and full of life.
  • Get rid of those pesky toxins!
  • Get more out of life.

Financial Benefits:

  • People who can lose weight tend to make more money than those who aren't.
  • Lose weight, keep it off and save on medical bills.

Emotional benefits:

  •  Feel confident in your appearance and healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Reassure your family and friends that you are making a healthier lifestyle change.
  • Enjoy the compliments of others as they notice your improved appearance.

Physiological benefits:

  • Eliminate toxins from the body and excess body fat naturally.
  • Reduce aches and pains, particularly in the waist/back/knees areas.
  • Increase energy levels and stamina.

Terms of Use:

  1. You are allowed to use both water or oil-based lotion for moisturizer after the body wrap treatment. 
  2. There is no restriction on time between treatments, and you may come back weekly if desired. However, it is recommended that you stay out of the sun for a few days to prevent burning.
  3. You may use other lotions and creams before the treatment so long as you do not apply them on top of the body wrapper.
  4. Minors under the age of 18 must be with an adult responsible for them and cannot enter this treatment by themselves since they are not allowed to sign forms.
  5. Strictly No Smoking or alcohol consumption before or after the treatment. 
  6. If you are allergic to any product, have any contagious disease (e.g. colds), please inform them before deciding on this service.  

Furthermore, some people may be allergic to certain tea plants or simply sensitive to tannin in rosemary and sage. Therefore, if you notice hives or swelling after drinking your detox tea, it is recommended that you stop consuming the product right away.