Redmond Clay promotes natural health and detoxification

Arguably one of the most powerful natural health substances on the planet is Redmond Clay. Customers on Amazon have described the solution as “great,” “perfect” and even “phenomenal at counteracting food poisoning.” Once customer had this to say about the product [sic]:

“I purchased this product to use internally. My intention was to use it as a natural cleansing and detoxing product. I have been taking approximately one tablespoon everynight before bed. It has been several weeks now and the results have been noticeable. I sleep much better now, my digestion has greatly improved and I have a new sense of peace or overrall calmness. I highly recommend this product. “

In fact, our boss Mark Axelson can also vouch for the healing power of Redmond Clay. Recently, he had this experience to share [sic]:

“While I was outside, I went to a trash bag in the receptacle better and I cut my finger — the bag had broken glass in it! It was bleeding like crazy, so I put Redmond Clay on it my finger. Later on, when I washed my hands, it was hard to even find the where the cut was! Redmond Clay sure works fast for healing skin.”

As of this writing, hundreds of customers on Amazon have reviewed Redmond Clay, and 86 percent of those reviews have been five stars, with another 8 percent giving it a 4-star review. That means nearly 95 percent of customers have had a phenomenal experience with Redmond Clay.

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