READ THIS Before Purchasing Another Sunless Tanning Product!

READ THIS Before Purchasing Another Sunless Tanning Product! - HEALTHandMED

Why do we buy sunless tanning products? Because we want to get a beautiful sun glow without the sun, right? Here’s a crazy fact, according to, 5 million people are treated for skin cancer every year. That’s pretty scary, especially when we all LOVE laying on the beach or out by the pool during the summer! (I know this is why I started using sunless tanner) So, here are some fun facts you should know about sunless tanning products before you make your next purchase!

#1: Why do I get streaks when I use sunless tanner?

Well, with most sunless tanning products this does happen. Our skin types vary from extremely oily to over dry which absorbs the tanning product differently. When you are applying a sunless tanning lotion it is pretty easy for things like this to happen because you typically cannot see where the product is being applied, or how much of it is actually on your skin. Our product, Sunless Glow, is actually an spray on self tanning product that contains 100% Whole Leaf Aloe Vera that leaves your skin feeling moisturized and soft, also avoiding too much concentration in the dry areas so you get a more even tan. The spray contains a light bronzer that allows you to see where the sunless tanning product is being applied so you can achieve a nice, even, natural looking glow.

#2: Why does my skin look orange?

The majority of sunless tanning products sell themselves as being ALL Natural or 100% Organic which, after we conducted some of our own research, proved not to be the case. A vast majority of the products on the market contain FD&C dyes such as Red #40, Blue #1, Yellow #10 & Yellow #5. The main colors featured here are red and yellow, and when combined create orange which is the color that shows on your skin and gives the sunless tanning industry the reputation of “Orange” tans. Sunless Glow does NOT contain any dyes. Below, you will find a list of ingredients of the most popular sunless tanning product on the market versus our Sunless Glow ingredients.

#3 Will the bronzer stain my clothes?

No, the product is water-soluble which means that any product that comes off should typically wash away with water. Some tanning products available that use a lot of dyes in their product can stain your clothing and other objects that you may come in contact withwhile your tan is drying.

#4 What makes Sunless Glow better than any other tanning product?

Sunless Glowis a cosmeceutical product that is safe and does not contain any harmful chemicals, perfumes, alcohols, dyes, or additives. We have a proprietary formula that will tan the skin and create a naturally looking bronze glow without any dyes.

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