Breathe Easy with Purified Air

Purified Air and You

Our Air Purifiers treat the air in your home or business by breaking down the pollutants that cause odor and cleaning impurities caused by smoke and dust form the air. The Air Purifiers produce ozone and negatively charged ions, generating the same effect that is found in the air-cleaning process of nature. This can greatly reduce the effects of allergies and other breathing problems associated with “dirty” air.

How the Purification Process Works

Using a needlepoint ionizer to drop dust, smoke and other harmful particles from the air we breathe, the Air Purifiers significantly reduce airborne impurities by recreating the natural balance of positive and negative ion occurrences in the air, a process that involves splitting molecules into oxygen atoms that bond with chemical compounds and other odor causing pollutants in order to oxidize them.

Purify Almost Any Room

If you have a room that regularly gets covered with pollutants, it’s always best to place the Air Purifiers in these room, particularly in an elevated location so that it is better able to distribute ions and activated oxygen more evenly. We recommend placing the device within 10 feet of a cold air return. More than one unit can be used for additional oxidization control.

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