The Various Benefits of Power Naps

The Various Benefits of Power Naps - HEALTHandMED

Power Naps for Your Health

Whether you’re napping on your bed, on a couch, or even taking a quick nap in a massage bed during therapy, it turns out that power naps are quite beneficial to your overall health.

Sleep experts claim that taking short power naps during breaks or between long working hours not only reboots our brain but also boosts alertness. A perfect power nap is a combination of timing, duration and correct body posture, with a slight upward-sitting position recommended for power naps to avoid falling into a deep sleep.

How long should power naps be?

Here are the lengths of time you should nap and their benefits:

10-to-20 minutes – Boosts alertness and energy.

30 minutes – Good for decision-making skills and also helps in memorizing vocabulary or recalling directions.

60 minutes – Results in deepest sleep. Improves memory performance and also helps in remembering names, faces and facts.

90 minutes – This is a full cycle of sleep. Improves emotional and procedural memory and creativity. A full-length sleep avoids sleep inertia.