HEALTHandMED Now Carries All of the Nutriplex Whole Food Formulas

We now carry all of the Nutriplex line of nutritional supplements. That is really something to be excited about! What’s so great about them is that they are the only company that has 100% whole food products with no isolates (not separated/isolated from natural form). Being a whole food means that the body can assimilate them much better than artificially made supplements (night and day).They are foods compressed into tablets. So there is no inherent danger in using any of them with anything else you are taking. Most of the products are a combination ofa number ofdifferent natural ingredients, formulated by Vic Shayne, Ph.D.. So, if someone has problems with certain body systems such as the cardiovascular system, digestive system, etc., they can lookat the formulas page for some great products that will help. For most people, if you are going to gake only one Nutriplex product, it should be Supergreens. Supergreens is the best all around vitamin/mineral/general wellness supplement from Nutriplex. The super tasty and super healthy Aztec Organic Nutrition bars which are mostly made of dark chocolate, also have Supergreens in them as well as ginger. There are 6 products (including Supergreens) that come in powders as well as tablet form. Powders are even more assimilable by the body than the tablets — the body has to do less work to break them down. But then you would have to take the powder with a drink and taste it. Maybe you like the taste and maybe you don’t. I personally like the sort of seaweed taste of the Supergreens. In addition to these, we carry the Nutriplex Borage Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, and Wheat Germ Oil. The Neem Oil Aloe Soap Bar is is a natural bactericide and deodorizer from the ancient Indian neem tree. Especially for chemically sensitive people.