New Research: Garlic Fights Cancer

Garlic has long been held in high regard as an effective and natural source for healing. New research is giving credence to garlic as a potent method of preventing and mitigating the destructive influences of cancer. Scientists from Ohio State University’s Comprehensive Cancer Center have created a new method for testing urine that shows a person’s garlic consumption levels, as well as the risk for cancer. The study’s lead researcher Earl Harrison explained: “What we were after was developing a method where we could measure in urine two different compounds, one related to the risk for cancer, and the other, which indicates the extent of consumption of garlic.” “Our results showed that those were inversely related to one another — meaning that the more we had the marker for garlic consumption, the less there was of the marker for the risk of cancer.” The trend towards using nutrition as a means of fighting and preventing cancer is encouraging. More and more people look to garlic as one of the many remedies that nature provides for an ailing humanity.

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