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New Professional 1500W Vibration Machine with Heart Monitor Now Available

New Professional 1500W Vibration Machine with Heart Monitor Now Available at HEALTHandMED

We’re always about staying up with the latest and greatest natural health products here at HEALTHandMED, and we’ve got a new Whole Body Vibration Machine to share with you!

This week marks the launch of the newest member of our Whole Body Vibration family, the GForce Professional 1500W Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine with Heart Rate Monitor. This new machine takes many of the benefits you already know and love about the vibration machine platform and makes it even better with an included heart rate monitor!

The new vibe machine is also a dual motor machine, which means you’re going to get both the Oscillation motor and the Triplanar motor along with their benefits:

Oscillation Motion

The Oscillation motor allows the machine to pivot back and forth like a see-saw. As one foot goes up the other does down. This type of vibration has proven to show many more results with lymphatic drainage, aid weight loss and improve fast twitch muscles.

Triplanar Motion

The triplanar motor moves the machine in a spiral type motion. Much like your cell phone would vibrate on a table top, your machine’s plate will do the same. This means it moves less distance, but can be very quick movements. This type of motion is great for increasing muscle stregth, bone density and helps with inflammation.

Find out more about this great new machine on the product page!

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