Negative Ions Improve Health

The health of most Americans is severely impacted by the ever worsening state of our indoor air quality. The day to day health of a person is impacted by the continual outgassing coming from paint, carpet and other toxic chemicals found in most households. A growing technique for mitigating the impacts of these toxins is the use of negative ions the rid the air of all such pollutants.

Negative ions are able to clean the air by attaching themselves to airborne particulates such as pollen and dust, which causes them to clump together and fall to the ground, leaving the air clean. The problem with a traditional air purifier is that they require filters that allow small particulate to pass through and remain in the air. Another issue is that all the fan induced air movement can stir up dust.

The natural function of salt crystal lamps is to release negative ions that can move throughout a room and clean the air. When the salt reacts with moisture in the air as well as the heat from the bulb it releases even more ions. Himalayan salt lamps are hygroscopic so they should be left on all the time. It’s not just coincidence that some of the most invigorating places on earth, like waterfalls, crashing surf and mountain tops also have the highest concentration of negative ions. Negative ions generate clean and purified air that can have profound positive effects on a biochemical level. Living beings become excited before a thunderstorm with the enhanced levels of negative ions. The sensation is of increased alertness and the feeling of “being alive.” An anecdotal discovery by Dr. Clarence Hansell occurred when his colleague was working near an electrostatic generator that generated ions. The worker began to exhibit varying moods depending on the positive or negative setting of the machine. At the times that the machine produced negative ions, he was generally in a good mood and more alert. Positive ions had the opposite effect. Ions can act on our ability to utilize oxygen with the most positive effects from negative ions. Negative ions in the blood stream speed the delivery of oxygen throughout the body, benefiting our cells and tissues, while providing an energized euphoric feeling. Burn victims at Philadelphia’s Northeastern Hospital have been treated in ionized rooms because the negative ions were found to reduce pain. According to Dr. Robert McGowan, “negative ions make burns dry out faster, heal faster and with less scarring. They also reduce the need for skin grafting. They make the patient more optimistic. He sleeps better.”

Himalayan salt rooms have been created to reproduce the therapeutic effects of naturally occurring salt caves, providing for easy breathing from allergy-related and other respiratory ailments. The occupier is surrounded by negative ions, fully enjoying the therapeutic benefits. Himalayan salt inhalers are a recently popular way to get some of the same benefits as a salt cave, without having to make such a room. Inhaling through a Himalayan salt pipe draws air past the salt crystals and brings concentrated doses of negative ions directly into the body. Whether using a salt inhaler or a Himalayan salt lamp, there are many ways to clean the air around us and improve our health with negative ions. The ease of using natural negative ionizers makes them an easy choice.

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